Gynexin: Safe or Suspect?

Why would a man be embarrassed to remove his shirt? Well, if he has enlarged breast tissue, sometimes called “man boobs,” his self-image is likely to be severely damaged. It is a condition known as gynecomastia, and incredibly, about one in every three men will be diagnosed with the problem at some point in their lifetime.

Get rid of man boobs with Gynexin

The malady most often begins during puberty when a young male’s hormones are raging. If a teenager’s testosterone levels are low, the presence of the female hormone estrogen may cause the breasts to fill with fatty tissue. It can occur later in life too, as a man’s testosterone production drops. This enlargement of breast tissue can be humiliating, and the condition isn’t likely to reverse itself. Gynecomastia is treatable by liposuction and surgery, but it is expensive, somewhat risky, and in some cases, it leaves scar tissue. What if there was a safer, effective way to correct this problem?

Non-invasive breast reduction

Men who have suffered in silence with enlarged breast tissue are finding a new lease on life with an affordable herbal product called Gynexin. There are claims of more than 90% success rate by clients who have used the supplement. Gynexin targets subcutaneous adipose tissue (fatty cells) and dissolves it. Users of the product report positive results in a matter of weeks after starting the program.

How the product works

Obviously, the producers of Gynexin wish to maintain the confidentiality of their product. Yet, close examination reveals that one of the ingredients is chromium, a naturally occurring element that is essential to humans as a trace element. It serves to control blood sugar levels and is useful in weight loss. Other features include green tea extract, cacao fruit enzymes, and caffeine that serve to accelerate metabolism and cleanse the body of impurities. At the heart of the product is the Gynexin special blend, a secret formula that transforms the product into an efficient tissue reducing agent.

Are there safety concerns?

Safe gyno treatmentThe proprietary formula of Gynexin comprises several components that work together to produce a positive result. Users take one pill in the morning and another in the evening. As with any product that is ingested, some caution is prudent. Men who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or who are diagnosed with heart disease, should not use the product. A man with thyroid problems or liver issues should also discuss the product with his doctor before use. In fact, if a person has any health concerns before beginning the program, he should consult his physician. However, all available evidence indicates that Gynexin is safe and effective for the vast majority of users.

Is Gynexin right for you?

For men of all ages who suffer in shame from enlarged breast tissue, the answer is an overwhelming yes. Think of the confidence one will gain by dressing in the locker room or enjoying a day at the beach. No other product heralds effective breast reduction as consistently as Gynexin. The prospect of returning to a manly figure is promising to a great degree for the users of this special herbal product.