I am going to make sure you love this. Welcome to my News Site!

When most people told me: “Don’t start a news sites, those are dead” I won’t lie to you I feelt bad… I mean, this website has been in my mind for so long. But you know what? I won’t hear to those people and instead I’m gonna go ahead with this site. So for now, while I continue gathering the best news on the web, check out this ramdom text I found online:

I receive an average number of comments per post is good for lazy walking to collect this feedback on blogs. I will not say I’m satisfied because I would love to comment more because I enjoy reading the threads of conversation. In fact, lots of change RTs and mentions in Facebook for more feedback. It turns out that yesterday I was rereading several dozen posts of this blog for a topic that I am preparing, and I noticed a certain pattern in the comments. It was something he had been chewing a while but now when I want to tell.

good_newsWhat I have seen is that most brand or reputation is the person who published the commentary, either because they have a reputation for truth or because he believes have it because of its large number of followers, but praised and thanked publicly. There are people that will cost a horror leave a nice comment explicitly laudatory, which recognized unequivocally that the post has liked and / or has served. Les you follow the trail and see that only come to replicate, refine or instruct a cool argument to substantiate the brilliant they are. They might have loved the post, even be thinking “damn, why did not I think of writing this to me,” but you do not they will say that you need brand as an author to be at their level and deserve, or simply because are school shortage means that people list is (and seems) because he knows ration praise.

Of course, you can also do other less cantankerous readings. For example, I know that there are people who by their very nature tend to praise about. It is a matter of personality and go. There are introverts, or who are very sober, they are uncomfortable in celebration. Although it is not my case, they deserve respect. I love to congratulate, of course, provided that the subject deserves it and not being nice. Praise does me good, and good for others. But here I do not mean that. I mean who dispenses praise and expensive strategy for their brand, sometimes without being aware that it is a strategy. Another interpretation could be that were marginal in thanking and praising greedy because they are so bright is always more complicated meet your expectations. In the latter case, as heard, one must be humble enough to recognize that these mendas move in a higher league, and another thing butterfly. In other words, do not give the level and point

But no, I do not talk about these cases in this post, but one of the traps of the guru. It is a reputational trap kidnaps his own freedom of expression and undermines the way in which we could enjoy his views if he did not much corset image.

These people believe that their opinion is worth much, it is so brand, then you raise the price and dosed. Unless flattery, hungrier to receive them. Then comes the phase of cockiness, that is, I’m so good, I’m so beyond good and evil, you should not spend cartridges, or risking my reputation, congratulating texts of people who are not at my level, there will be I would create. After you see that are much more generous in their praise when people visit the website of your league, not only to feed the egos exchange business in this case it suits them (as it is very cost effective influencers that can return the favor ), but also by what I said before, because they feel they are in its category and then you can relax in the blessings.

One of my wars ever, and in fact I have written much about it, it is to defend the belief that “ideas have reputations for themselves,” regardless of who expose. This is not to deny that the author’s name is an important reputational signal and one that is very fixed in when read with much interest an article (it would be a liar if I said). But one thing is a priori, and a posteriori. It is clear that by simple competition for attention, I will first open an article that is noted; but what I am saying is that once you have read, and it’s good to see the article, which is very good, then the prestige of the author and my own prestige (or I think I have) should not influence the affection and interest that I put to publicly evaluate its worth. And the same in reverse. However guru who is the lord or lady, if the item is mediocre, and nothing new, say so.

Anyone who has reached the end of this diatribe, which seems to Sunday, you may think that I should not complain so much and be more than satisfied just because come and discuss my posts. Same is right